Active and Closed Projects Sponsored by Sino Software Research Institute

As at 15 October 2013

Project Title PM/PI Unit
Shoe last designer GOONETILLEKE, Ravindra S IELM
Search your university CHEN, Lei CSE
RFID intelligent dock gate system: GATE PORTAL CHEUNG, Shing Chi CSE
COPS: Collaborative pervasive surveillance over the Internet, wireless LANs and cellular networks CHAN, Gary S H CSE
A clinical diagnostic and assessment system for neuro-interventions and neuro-surgery CHUNG, Albert C S CSE
A cost-effective multimedia platform for large-scale networked edutainment delivery CHAN, Gary S H CSE
Dynamic virtual sets for TV, video, and film footage production TANG, Chi Keung CSE
A system for creating digital Chinese brushwork by realtime manipulation of a virtual brush TAI, Chiew Lan CSE
Modeling software for liquid crystal device applications in photonics CHIGRINOV, Vladimir ECE
World wide web consortium office for China SHEN, Vincent Y S CSE
Intrusion detection with adaptive mixture models YEUNG, Dit Yan CSE
Personal identification using palmprints SHEN, Helen C M CSE
Churn killer: A CRM software toolkit for the telecommunications industry YANG, Qiang CSE
Automatic view generation for multimedia content providers QUAN, Long CSE
A passenger route guidance system for a multi-modal public transport network LO, Hong Kam CIVIL
Intelligent workstation for operator comfort (IWOC) GOONETILLEKE, Ravindra S IELM
Video cosmetics: Computer-aided removal of blemishes from digital video BROWN, Michael S CSE
Software for advertising on copyright protected music KWOK, James S H ISOM
A system for realistic creation of Chinese brushwork TAI, Chiew Lan CSE
A self-learning personal assistant for surfing the web LU, Hongjun CSE
A video surveillance system over the internet and wireless environment CHAN, Gary S H CSE
PhotoHome: a strong value-added system for realistic walkthrough TANG, Chi Keung CSE
Dynamic handwritten signature verification for resource-limited platforms YEUNG, Dit Yan CSE
Fast elliptic curve cryptosystems DING, Cunsheng CSE