Active and Closed Projects Sponsored by Sino Software Research Institute

As at 23 December 2019

Project Title PM/PI Unit
Multilingual video databases for distance learning PONG, Ting Chuen CSE
Aerial orthomosaic mapping and 3D reconstruction platform for unmanned aerial vehicles QUAN, Long CSE
SOCIUS: Conversation mining on social media CHEN, Lei CSE
Shoe last designer GOONETILLEKE, Ravindra S IELM
Search your university CHEN, Lei CSE
RFID intelligent dock gate system: αGATE PORTAL CHEUNG, Shing Chi CSE
COPS: Collaborative pervasive surveillance over the Internet, wireless LANs and cellular networks CHAN, Gary S H CSE
A clinical diagnostic and assessment system for neuro-interventions and neuro-surgery CHUNG, Albert C S CSE
A cost-effective multimedia platform for large-scale networked edutainment delivery CHAN, Gary S H CSE
Dynamic virtual sets for TV, video, and film footage production TANG, Chi Keung CSE
A system for creating digital Chinese brushwork by realtime manipulation of a virtual brush TAI, Chiew Lan CSE
Modeling software for liquid crystal device applications in photonics CHIGRINOV, Vladimir ECE
World wide web consortium office for China SHEN, Vincent Y S CSE
Intrusion detection with adaptive mixture models YEUNG, Dit Yan CSE
Personal identification using palmprints SHEN, Helen C M CSE
Churn killer: A CRM software toolkit for the telecommunications industry YANG, Qiang CSE
Automatic view generation for multimedia content providers QUAN, Long CSE
A passenger route guidance system for a multi-modal public transport network LO, Hong Kam CIVIL
Intelligent workstation for operator comfort (IWOC) GOONETILLEKE, Ravindra S IELM
Video cosmetics: Computer-aided removal of blemishes from digital video BROWN, Michael S CSE
Software for advertising on copyright protected music KWOK, James S H ISOM
A system for realistic creation of Chinese brushwork TAI, Chiew Lan CSE
A self-learning personal assistant for surfing the web LU, Hongjun CSE
A video surveillance system over the internet and wireless environment CHAN, Gary S H CSE
PhotoHome: a strong value-added system for realistic walkthrough TANG, Chi Keung CSE
Dynamic handwritten signature verification for resource-limited platforms YEUNG, Dit Yan CSE
Fast elliptic curve cryptosystems DING, Cunsheng CSE
Software development at the Nansha information technology park YEUNG, Dit Yan CSE
World Wide Web consortium office in Hong Kong PONG, Ting Chuen CSE
Extensible data integration software environment LU, Hongjun CSE
PhotoHome: An image-based modeling and rendering system for interior designers and homeowners TANG, Chi Keung CSE
A communicator between cantonese and putonghua speakers MAK, Brian K W CSE
A computer-aided diagnosis system for neurosurgeons TANG, Chi Keung CSE
The development of a packet-based video surveillance system CHAN, Gary S H CSE
Real-time adaptive traffic control LO, Hong Kam CIVL
MPAS - A micropayment authorization system SHEN, Vincent Y S CSE
World Wide Web consortium office in Hong Kong SHEN, Vincent Y S CSE
Development of mobile platforms and applications LEE, Dik Lun CSE
Software simulation environment for adaptive traffic control with real-time information LO, Hong Kam CIVL
UniCard: HKUST's one card project WONG, John O F ATC
Real time media annotation CHENG, Gino Tu ECE
Software anti-piracy by cryptography and internet technology CHOY, Man Hoi CSE
Financial forecasting and news search service WUTHRICH, Beat CSE
Data cleansing techniques and tools LU, Hongjun CSE
Chinese computing on the web and electronic commerce SHEN, Vincent Y S CSE
Load balancing and parallel computing in multidomain systems CHANSON, Samuel CSE
SinoLib: HKUST's digital library research project WONG, John O F ATC
A middleware for the authoring distributed multimedia applications CHEUNG, Shing Chi CSE
Coordination-based query processing in a multi-organizational information system ZHAO, Leon J ISOM
The virtual floor plan BACIU, George CSE
Intelligent sports video manipulator - video classification, clustering & retrieval LEE, Chung Mong CSE
A flexible parallel load balancing system for heterogeneous computing systems and networks CHANSON, Samuel CSE
An integrated environment for multimedia applications in heterogeneous networks CHEUNG, Shing Chi CSE
SinoLib: HKUST's digital library research project SHEN, Vincent Y S CSE
Design and implementation of a flexible form processing YEUNG, Dit Yan CSE
Parallel multimedia/video disk server SHUM, Chung Dak CSE
Vehicle license plate number recognition system LEE, Chung Mong CSE
Multilingual robust speech recognition SHI, Bertram E ECE
A fast probabilistic inference system ZHANG, Nevin L CSE
Coordination-based metadata management in a multi-organizational information system ZHAO, Leon J ISOM
Development of MATLAB toolbox for multirate sample-data control QIU, Li CSE
The development of geographic information exchange architecture for Hong Kong CHEN, Jay Chung CCAR
(1) Hidden Markov model based on-line handwritten Chinese character recognition (2) On-line handwritten Chinese character databases YEUNG, Dit Yan CSE
Intelligent video manipulator - video classification, clustering & retrieval LEE, Chung Mong CSE
TCTS: Coarse translation tools for Chinese and English WU, Dekai CSE
Information resource integration and management LEE, Dik Lun CSE
An expert system for integrated analysis and design of tall buildings CHANG, Paul T Y CIVL
Parallel multimedia/video disk server NGAI, Tin Fook CSE
Intelligent video manipulator - image classification and indexing LEE, Chung Mong CSE
Automated visual inspection for Hong Kong's manufacturing industries PONG, Ting Chuen CSE
A case study on the use of advanced heterogeneous database management technologies in industrial information system environment DREW, Pamela A CSE
Nonlinear analysis and collapse load of cable-stayed bridges KUANG, Jun Shang CIVL
A software to aid in landfill linear design for pollution prevention LO, Irene M C CIVL
A knowledge based system for minimising environmental problems in process industries (MEPPI) YUE, Po Lock CBME
Development of a software system for integrated analysis and design of tall buildings and mechanical components TONG, Pin MECH
Building a Chinese/Japanese interface to INNOPAC PONG, Man Chi CSE
Applications of the snake approach to medical analysis CHIN, Roland T H CSE
Handwritten Chinese character recognition YEUNG, Dit Yan CSE
Apply linguistic and statistical information to aid the input of Chinese PONG, Man Chi CSE
Software reuse in the small DEERWESTER, Scott C CSE
Input of Chinese phrases independent of input methods PONG, Man Chi CSE
Hong Kong Supernet SHEN, Vincent Y S CSE
Environment for interactive access to accurate information in multidatabases DREW, Pamela A CSE
Intelligent video manipulator LEE, Chung Mong CSE
Extending and evaluating a rule-based domain modeling approach for requirements engineering THEBAUT, Stephen M CSE
Establishment of the Sino Software Research Centre PONG, Ting Chuen SSRI
Software training for advanced Wordperfect TANG, Danny W H CCST