The Sino Software Research Institute (SSRI), established on 1 July 1992 with a HK$20 million donation from the Sino Land Co., Ltd., has the dual aims of supporting software research that can lead to practical applications and providing assistance in transforming those applications into useful products.

SSRI sees its primary role as that of a catalyst, helping software research projects reach the critical phase in which ideas may be translated into prototypes that can be evaluated using large-scale trials. SSRI also encourages development efforts in areas that are relevant to the economic and social development of Hong Kong.

Beyond its interest in software research and development, SSRI also provides technical and consultative help to local businesses as they seek to implement the latest software technologies. As part of this effort, SSRI sponsors conferences, workshops, seminars and lectures on software topics related to the needs of businesses and public institutions.

It is the goal of SSRI to derive income from some of its activities so that it can remain viable in the long term.