Insect Escape
  2001 - 2002 Final Year Project

The goal of the project is to design and implement a game on top of an open-source game engine. A number of 3D game engine plug-ins were developed. We completed a game called "Insect Escape" by modeling insects, weapon and maps using 3D Studio Max and writing several plug-ins such as spraying effect, game counter, game menu, game information and enemy behavior.
Description of the game
The game is a 3D first-person view adventure game with different kinds of insects like bee, spider as the enemies and the player's aim is to kill the insects in the 3D map. Players use insect extinguisher as the main weapon and kill the insects by spraying.  
For the modeling part, we created two game scene maps with some enemy insects like spiders, ants and bees. We also built our spray, game information, enemy behavior and game menu plug-ins.